Thursday, November 29, 2007

Born with Vagina on her Face (bizzare)

A 23 year old russian women is hoping scientists in America are able to remove a physical mutation that has ruined her life.

Dr Hymen Prepuce a world renowned Plastic Surgeon believes that despite complexity of the mutation, they will be able to restore her face to include a functioning mouth and nose.

As a child Mrs Clitovsky was sold to a travelling Romanian Freak Show and then spent a number of years being forced to work in the underground porn industry in her home country of Moscow where she met her current husband, American, Billy No-Stars Jr III.

"I was working as a cameraman on one of the russian porn flicks. It was love at first site. I cut a deal with the gang that owned her, then had her shipped to my apartment back in the States".

The operation will take place on Jan 15th 2008 in Wisconsin, USA.


an average patriot said...

Colin You're a trip. Have a lot to let out huh? I just noticed you are in Afghanistan, since when?

jerry said...

no way.

Mr. Penistov said...

Clitovsky? Is that a joke?